Image from page 94 of “Southern pork production” (1918)

Fixing hetereogenity of groups in social sciences with stats

People are different. All people are different. That’s one reason why you should to see and treat all people as being equal. All individuals are equal.

But alas the social sciences have difficulties with treating all individuals as equals. Of course there are exceptions. Like this fine paper by Maurits Kaptein:

This research was the basis of the Science Rockstars startup I founded with Maurits. Our software dealt rather elegantly with the all individuals are equal challenge.

Maurits’ work got refferenced in Wired (this article’s title is a play on the essay by Eli Pariser):

Our company got kickstarted.


British Library digitised image from page 70 of “Woodland Romances; or, Fables and Fancies”

This is an update on my earlier post discussing first ideas of my PhD on competition law for digital market places and platforms.

A few years ago, Al Roth sent me a chapter on experiments in market design that he wrote for a book. I would like to carry out the design of the experimental study by Hong & Plott that Al mentions in real life (e.g. via a new energy services/product) and with the focus on possible asymmetry of information, influence & power.

Symmetry is my way of interpreting fairness.

To do this, I want to monitor/manage the design…

Spring protest by Amelisweerd Niet Geasfalteerd

Naar aanleiding van het oorspronkelijke idee van Rosie Pearson, en met de hulp van Anne-Marie Pronk, heb ik een Google maps opgezet voor het inzichtelijk maken van de milieucampagnes in Nederland. Wie zijn nu waar aan het actievoeren en waarvoor strijden ze?

Ons doel is om zoveel mogelijk van de milieubeweging in Nederland in kaart te brengen.

Vind je dit ook een goed idee? Vul dan hier jouw grassroots campagne in of gebruik het formulier hieronder.

Zet jouw grassroots campagne op de kaart!

Gone are the days when data science was strictly the domain of the data scientist, engineer or technologist. We’ve moved forward to the age of the data entrepreneur, and with that mindset, into collaboration with businesses at the intersection of innovation. Most days you’ll find me here, the mediator and advisor between data scientists, analysts, business leaders and innovators. For me, it’s the sweet spot — helping find solutions to real world problems, and discovering opportunities for growth.

It’s also afforded me a wide (and growing) knowledge of various industries — from professional boxing to transport, energy and urban planning…

In search of his ikigai, Yama Saraj drove all the way from the Netherlands to Afghanistan to give kids boxing lessons

The inner path to becoming SensAI

Recently I did a proof of concept hackathon with Yama Saraj for his startup SensAI. Such hackathon forces founders to express their vision on their business model and their technology stack. There is a big difference running a social entreprise on DIY technology or a startup with a stack in the cloud and a clear exit strategy. And in Yama’s case he might be going for both…

Yama characterizes himself as a “crazy development economist”. When he was young, his family had to leave Afghanistan and they ended up in the Netherlands where he became a succesful student. Yama first…; a meal service for busy Amsterdam people

If you follow me on LinkedIn or Twitter, by now you’ll have noticed I’m nature driven and data obsessed. A lot of the work I’m doing these days at JADS — through hackathons, our Data Entrepreneurship in Action (DEiA) program, and recently, development of my proof of concept lab — has a focus on agriculture, farming and food.

DEiA students have been working on real world case studies, and the latest business to benefit from their equally data obsessed minds is Marleenkookt — healthy meals made and delivered to your door. …

The winning team, with Henk Huijgen & myself missing. But in the picture Paul van Zoggel, Daam Rutten, Douwe Korting (Herenboeren), Michiel Wesseling, Dirk-Jan Kloet, Armand Sol & Shanglin Yang

How Data fuels the Transformation of our Food System

Last week I attended FarmHack’s Short Supply Chain Hackathon. Like always there were many interesting challenges, with lots of data prepared by the organization. I decided to join Daam Rutten (a Jheronimus Academy of Data Science graduate) for the Herenboerderij challenge that focuses on a demand driven cultivation plan.

TL;DR: we won the 2019 short supply chain FarmHack 🏆.

From the original challenge: The “Herenboerderij” is a small farming cooperative, owned by approximately 200 families (“Herenboeren”). Together they decide what to eat and what the farm shall produce. The farmer, who is employed by the cooperative, grows a dozen types…

Mats Einarsen in our shared times. Photo by Mike Nicolaassen.

Hacking Kindness: optimization tactics for better behavior

Some time ago I did interviews with people that inspired me. And then I didn’t feel like it anymore. But when I recently saw what my mentor back in my days, Mats Einarsen, was up to, it was time for yet another interview.


Photo by Garage48. Minutes before we would do the final pitch.

How can your idea be truly put to the test without a prototype?

Last month I attended Garage48’s Hackathon for the Future of Mobility in Riga. Focused on innovating the future of mobility, we were asked to look at alternative mobility, traffic data and smart urban logistics, among others. Teams were formed and coffee was had, before getting down to business. You might have seen my posts on LinkedIn. A Hackathon Mentor, I joined Team #Urbanomics — declaring that the future of mobility lies in more data, not more asphalt!

I’m happy to report that we won ‘best validated idea’ and as a prize, we’ll go to Latitude59, a tech festival in Tallinn…

Arjan Haring

Life is beautiful. Personally I think moderation is key. Also with Twitter. I hardly ever read my dms. he/him — @seldondigital @jadatascience @vaartsoftware

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