Image from page 94 of “Southern pork production” (1918)

Fixing hetereogenity of groups in social sciences with stats

British Library digitised image from page 70 of “Woodland Romances; or, Fables and Fancies”

Spring protest by Amelisweerd Niet Geasfalteerd

Zet jouw grassroots campagne op de kaart!

In search of his ikigai, Yama Saraj drove all the way from the Netherlands to Afghanistan to give kids boxing lessons

The inner path to becoming SensAI; a meal service for busy Amsterdam people

The winning team, with Henk Huijgen & myself missing. But in the picture Paul van Zoggel, Daam Rutten, Douwe Korting (Herenboeren), Michiel Wesseling, Dirk-Jan Kloet, Armand Sol & Shanglin Yang

How Data fuels the Transformation of our Food System

Mats Einarsen in our shared times. Photo by Mike Nicolaassen.

Hacking Kindness: optimization tactics for better behavior

Photo by Garage48. Minutes before we would do the final pitch.

How can your idea be truly put to the test without a prototype?

Arjan Haring

Life is beautiful. Personally I think moderation is key. Also with Twitter. I hardly ever read my dms. he/him — @seldondigital @jadatascience @vaartsoftware

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