• Parvathy Krishnan

    Parvathy Krishnan

    Inspired by Data | Data Entrepreneur

  • ddiamantaras


    Professional economist, amateur singer (bass), avid reader, computer programming perpetual newbie.

  • Vamsi Krishna

    Vamsi Krishna

    Always a Coder;

  • Philip Plotnicki

    Philip Plotnicki

    Founder of Operation: SOUND - join us!

  • Donna Driscoll

    Donna Driscoll

    Mantra: what you focus on you give power to. Researcher in my professional life at LinkedIn. Horticulturalist in my personal life. HUGE fan of little dogs.

  • Vedika Dalmia

    Vedika Dalmia

  • Jonas Goddeeris

    Jonas Goddeeris

    Conversion Specialist, UX, Analytics

  • marrije schaake

    marrije schaake

    Projectmanager en informatie-architect bij eend.nl. Voor al uw persona's, wireframes, sitemaps en spreadsheets.

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