Hard Problems in Data Science

Jheronimus Academy of Data Science informal September discussions

It’s can be hard to keep up with the emerging field of data science. Researchers are working on different themes ranging from reinventing social science with big data to building an actual autonomous society.

Scientific revolutions often followed after the invention of fundamentally new research tools like the microscope and the telescope. Many scientists recognize the potential of data and new technologies for new ways of looking at human behavior and bring the same promise of major leaps of insight.

The study of AI gave rise to autonomous vehicles and intelligent agents. Bit by bit humans are outperformed in different “simple” tasks by computers. Data science will push these boundaries further, but not without losing sight of the ethics and regulations involved.

As in the early days of computer science, it’s difficult to predict how big the impact of this new scientific field on society will be. But at the Jheronimus Academy of Data Science we would like to start the discussion now.

Members of the academic staff of Tilburg Univeristy & Technical University Eindhoven are welcome to join our Hard Problems in Data Science discussions this month at the Mariënburg campus.

(all other academics can leave a comment if they want to be invited)

The Philosophy of (Data) Science

7 September 15: 30–17:00 — professors Daniel Lakens & Arjen van Witteloostuijn on the philosophy of (data) science. Replication, falsification and better ways of doing science?

Methodological Challenges in Data Science

14 September 15: 30–17:00 professor Maurits Kaptein on methodological challenges in data science. E.g. causality, indirect inference, distributed bayes and sequential experiments.

The Role of Humans in Data Science

21 September 15: 30–17:00 — professors Roger Leenders & Chris Snijders on how humans fit the equation. The role of humans in data science, computational social science and more.

Data Science as Multidisciplinary Research Field

28 September 15: 30–17:00 — professors Linnet Taylor & Ksenia Podoynitsyna on data science as multidisciplinary research field. Is data science really that different from computer science, statistics or econometrics?

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