The winning team, with Henk Huijgen & myself missing. But in the picture Paul van Zoggel, Daam Rutten, Douwe Korting (Herenboeren), Michiel Wesseling, Dirk-Jan Kloet, Armand Sol & Shanglin Yang

Changing the future of food, one prototype at the time

How Data fuels the Transformation of our Food System

The ingredients of the new food system: demand driven, harvest driven and nature driven

Our future food system: back to nature

“Technology is our friend in the transformation of our food system.”

From the harmful monoculture, to strip culture, pixel farming and finally permaculture (not on the picture).

Nature driven, data obsessed

Still from the Croptimizer clickable prototype.

”Farming will stay a very interesting and future proof carreer”

Why data science enables the killer business model

“Train an algorithm that determines optimal cultivation”

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